Friday, 25 May 2012

does it get any busier?

OK, so it has been over a month since I last made any entries, probably due to the fact that I have been outside slaving away, digging and digging. . . .I have some weeds that were left to run wild when we moved here, so for the last 2 summers (the first summer I wanted to see what came up that was worth keeping, turned out nothing).  Weeds that multiply underground and look like parsnips, if u leave even a hair of a root it is like blowing a fluffy dandelion into your garden.  I am very popular with the robins though, they always hang around when I'm out there with my pitch fork!!
I am happy to say that almost all  of the perennials that I planted last summer have made another appearance!  I was very concerned, every day out there looking, poking and prodding  (all my retirement gift money is in those beds).
Last year after having my 4 raised garden beds made and filled with earth, I rushed my planting before the May long weekend and lost plants to frost, this year I waited, and I still have had to cover the plants twice already!!

So, lets get back to the perennials, the lilies have for some reason become a favorite food this year for the rabbits, I even got the cayenne pepper out, I may have some Mexican rabbits because they just gobbled them down!
I had my little helper here the other day, oh what fun did we have in the garden!  "Gettin dirty with Grandma 2012" was the caption, not sure why it didn't come through.  The time in the garden ended up with flinging of dirt after the chant 1-2-3 you're it!!  it was bath time after that!
So, this is why I still haven't finished my quilt.  
The get together for the summer is June 11th and the top has to be completed so I'd better get my act together sooner than later.
The days are getting much longer and that sun streams through our bedroom window, very early and because I still haven't made any darker curtains for that room, we are up with the birds.
So many things to do!  I had a good idea using palets for my strawberry plants, they are almost finished and then I can move the entire bed of strawberries to their new location (they have taken up an entire 4X8 bed. So I will post a pic of how that turned out as soon as I get the back on them!
Days fly by and it has been quite cold this past week, as well the mosquitoes have made an appearance in the grass.  We were spoiled by a virtually mosquito free summer last year so I am sure we are going to be annoyed this year.  
Well, that's it for now.  Cheers and carry on gardening or quilting or whatever your passions take you, have fun.

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