Monday, 28 May 2012

Rabbit War!

Last year the rabbits did virtually no harm except to one vine out front, this year they have chosen to eat everything especially with seasonings on top.  Lillies with peppers, all my dill plants!  I am now considering some kind of chicken wire boxes over the garden area most certainly.  We have had rain rain rain and more rain the last while, I was out in the flower beds today trying to accomplish something, I left the garden area 4 inches higher due to the lovely gumbo mud that we are blessed with.  I have dumped in more bags of sand and peat moss but it is still not great.  I decided to then prune the trees that required some cutting back, it was going quite well until the long pole popped back and snapped me in the left cheek leaving a nice little cut, thanks, I was about finished with that job anyways!
The only thing I can say is that after planting the garden all this rain is certainly good to get things germinating well.  More rain is in the forecast again tomorrow, fine because I am going into work anyways for a break!
The sun is supposed to make an appearance sometime on Thursday, it will probably bring out all the mosquitoes lying in wait in the grasses.  Nice!  hello summer.

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