Sunday, 26 August 2012

Still Quilting


A BABY QUILT, for a little darling niece named August, not quite finished, I think I will border it with the raspberry colour batik.  It's actually quite large, each square is 8", so it's a good size.  I'm still 2 quilts behind, sigh. . . . . .  It is the favourite time of year for me, still hot on most days but the morning breeze promises 
cooler weather to follow soon.  
Maybe a fire tonite, that would be nice.  I've started pulling out plants in the garden that were really non-producers.  Yesterday we had Moe over to replace our lattice under the deck where the squirrel super-highway was, it is reinforced with small wire mesh as well.  I have my fingers crossed.
This is a short entry, just to ensure I had at least one entry in August, hopefully another to follow.  Gotta run for now.
going to find supplies to make squirrel (friendly and humane) traps.

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