Saturday, 14 July 2012

Berry Picking

Nothing says summer more than strawberry picking, or berry picking of any sort.  So that's what we did the other day at Boonstra Farms by Stonewall.  
We went early to try and beat the heat, they were actually closing early that day.  We wanted to get there about 0830, but we kinda got a little off the direct route and it took us a bit longer to reorientate  ourselves!!
The day started off well with some cloud cover and a nice breeze, then out popped the sun, we were smoking hot in no time and both Ryann and I forgot our hats.  We quickly filled our baskets (well as fast as we could taking into account the number that were disappearing), thank you Ryann!
We were going to go the the barn and see the animals but it was just too hot.
We went into Stonewall to Subway (opted out of the tea house, no air conditioning!)
Then of course had to make a stop at the wonderful quilt shop there.  We had a great day, hot but nice.  We will try and get out picking earlier in the season next year, the farm said that the berries were getting smaller but seriously, these berries were the smallest ones I have ever seen, some smaller than raspberries!
Here is a pic of Ryann enjoying the berries later on that day, again!

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