Monday, 26 November 2012

Quick and Easy Quilts

Matching  his and her snugly blankets?  My daughter thinks it time for new cozy blankets for their newly refinished living room and I agree (1 of their blankets goes back to highschool days)  I should talk, I still have  my leather coat from high school, oops did I admit to that?
Anyways, we went shopping to Fabricland and found this nice non-pilling fleece fabric, they match but are different!!  They have to be "the same length as the one Val made us!!!) because that one is just perfect for our height, especially Garrett!!  OK OK OK
ahhhhhh, Val does make them nice and long, you can pull them up over your head if you are tying to hide from kids and dogs!  I will take the beloved blanket up one notch to include a square at the bottom middle third of the blanket that you can hook your feet into!!  this also nicely serves as a pillow case when you fold the blanket down into it if you want to tidy things up if company is coming, or want to sit on pillows, or throw pillows, whatever.  I guess you could also stick your head into the block if you really didn't want the kid pulling the blanket off of you!!
This should work up fairly quick, lots of tying for the fringes, maybe while watching TV?
stay tuned for the finished ta-da!!

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  1. They will love those blankets, they are the greatest gift.