Saturday, 29 December 2012

Get out there and . . .ski!


I love the winter time, everyone hates the cold, esp in the part of the country where we live, however. . .. layer and keep moving, find something that you like to do and get out there and just do it!  Find a friend that likes to do it as well, or . . . . .get your Granddaughter out there and convince her that it's fun!
For Christmas this year, my choice was to buy her some skis, cross country ones, and so I set out and found some cute, affordable little ones that I thought she might like, of course when she was over prior to Christmas, I put mine on and zipped around the backyard and she thought they were great.
Today, we went out and she was amazing.  I watched a couple U-tube videos for teaching small children how to cross country ski before setting out.  We eliminated the poles  and went with the soccer kick approach.  We have a fairly large yard and my already set tracks helped her through the snow.

Here she is rounding the corner where her tree is planted.  She fell of course a couple times and I taught her how to get up on her own which she can now do easily.  I love it, there is nothing like hearing your little 3yr old granddaughter yelling to you that she loves you while on skis.  
I hope she continues with this sport, it really is a beautiful way to get your exercise in, esp if you find somewhere where the trails are groomed nicely and go on forever.  Ken has a friend with some. . . . .hmmmm, gotta get out there, often see deer and of course the rabbits and squirrels everywhere.
Well, here is to the great outdoors, get out there and just do it!

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