Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Quinzee !

My first thought this year was to build an igloo, from proper cut snow blocks.  I googled and watched U-Tube videos and thought, no problem!  Then I tested the snow and an igloo was not in the picture.  My friends next door are wizards with quinzee building so I thought, Quinzee it is.  I used to tunnel through the snow when I was a kid in solid snowdrifts much to dad's objection, I love the quiet, white insulating feel of being inside one.  We have a lot of snow this year, but nothing that I could tunnel out a quinzee from.
I plotted out the area and started shoveling, and shoveling and shoveling.  I packed our old large re-cycle boxes, hauled them across the yard on the toboggan and proceeded to pull them up the hill and build a rather large pile of snow!  When it was high enough and solid I got Ken to take the snowblower around twice just to blow in the snow nicely between the square blocks.

beginning was a little tedious, I have a rib that tends to pop out of place and cause a lot of pain.    However, put your big girl panties on and take a pain pill and move on.

Anywhere Joelle will go, Wilson will follow!

I was almost completed but decided to call in my recruits next door who happily removed the last bit of snow from the back of the quinzee for me, even they were impressed!  
Ryann can actually stand and I can still take the ceiling down a few inches.
I don't know about the sticking  our tongues out part, apparently that's what u do in a quinzee.  
And  remember. . . . . Do not eat Yellow Snow!!
We even had a slide going here.

It's a fun playhouse for a while longer anyways, today we have unseasonal warm temp.  I used water and food coloring to make the red maple leaf above the entrance but it keeps fading!

Ryann and I toasted the quinzee (she has chocolate milk)
Whew Grandma, that was fun!
As Valentines Day is in 2 days, we started with our special cookies.
Then I found our fire pit in the yard and started digging that out, something about having a fire in the middle of winter with lots of snow around you!!
Well that's it for now.  I finally finished those 2 quilts for the kids and the kitchen curtains are next!
Get out there and enjoy the white stuff!

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