Saturday, 20 April 2013

Already mid-April . . . where is Spring?

The spring isn't, it is now April 20th 2013 and the ground is starting to melt, I can see open grassed areas now in the yard where the melt begins bu there are still 2 foot high snow banks around the yard.  I made this snowman April 15th.
 My raised garden bed area is now visible, poking around the herb areas, the scents are still alive!!  I thought to start some seeds indoors but we really don't get a lot of sun, unless I want to keep the garden in the bedroom, and the sunroom. . . there have been a couple days that we actually sat in there, otherwise, it's still freezing.
It has been a much longer than usual go at winter and even though I do love the snow and cooler weather, I am itching to get out and dig in the dirt.  I also need to get all the chicken coop wire tunnel things I had to make to save my plants from the ravenous rabbits last year out and over anything that is showing through the snow as the rabbits are eating everything, nothing new here.

The kids in the neighbourhood have been ripping up the street on their bikes for some time now, it started with the poking and stabbing of the little water ways that lead to the sewers to hurry up the process.  We have some 16 little ones (OK, a few of them are in their teens, but awesome in looking out for everyone) in general.  It has become a very busy little bay and all the kids are located directly beside, across and a couple houses over from us, Ryann always looks forward to coming over now and playing with them.
I was looking at some pictures last night, 2 springs ago there was no snow in sight at Easter and we had the driveway all chalked up!
Well,  enough complaining, there is more snow on the forcast for tomorrow so complaining about it doesn't help.  Pictures of Thunder Bay yesterday were crazy, schools were closed and people were warned to stay home and off the highway, everyone it seems has crazy weather.
I still am itching to get out there, with the days longer . . . .and that sun sneering at you to get up early, it's nice to go to the nurseries to check out the plants and just be around all that general greenhouse humidity and sun to perk you up, I mean Pintrest can amuse you and has great ideas but really. . . . it's on the computer!  OK, I love Pintrest!!  they have more ideas on there than a camel has fleas!  ah to dream that someone would just come over, I'd point at the computer screen and they would go and do all that heavy stuff for me.  The artsy farty stuff I can do!!
Ok, it's wine time.  enjoy the rest of the week-end and plan for planting and rabbit/squirrel/deer plant resistant summer.

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