Sunday, 3 June 2012

Caught Red-Handed!

My yard has become a web of chicken coop wire towers and my garden is now surrounded with wire fencing.  As I was outside snapping a couple shots, guess who here was trying to scope out his supper!  He just froze in his tracks (although I am not sure why as they are such cocky little buggers) and really don't move too fast when they see me in the first place.
Anyways, what else can I do, I have researched some and maybe a male cat would put them in their place, people apparently sprinkle used litter in their gardens, omg!!  Hair is supposed to turn them off (like, wouldn't it turn anyone off, hair in their dinner)  hehe,  hair in their dinner, could be hare for my dinner soon.  There are various other solutions that people have come up with, seriously only a electric fence is going to work here.
Tomorrow is going to be hot hot hot and sunny, a good day to finish that challenge quilt as I hate the heat and the sun!
Cheers and does (anybody have a good recipe for rabbit stew?)

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