Wednesday, 13 June 2012


Well, I managed to complete the nickel challenge quilt on time for Monday's pot luck, and my goodness what a great pot-luck spread these ladies can put on!!!
 12 of us who took part in the challenge brought in our quilts to show everyone, these ladies can quilt!!!!!! I felt honored to actually stand up there with them and show my quilt.  Everyone had completely different quilt patterns, from the Winnipeg sky line to geometric dazzling pieces that you just had to stand back and and admire the ingenuity of colour and placement.  I was a little nervous presenting mine as this was not something I had done before and in the presence of such seasoned quilters I didn't know what to expect.
They loved my quilt!! and not only that. . . .they thought I had been quilting for a long time and experienced in fabric art.  Certainly a response that I did not expect, but really honestly loved the response!!
I am holding my quilt and my husband is taking the pic, my Granddaughter is checking it out and decided that she likes it and wants it on her big girl bed!
All I have to do is quilt it now and that will be minimal as the quilt itself is busy enough, perhaps some swirls on the ends as they are longer to fit the bed (didn't need any kind of wall hanging!)
So on to the next project which is finishing up on a quilt for my niece Violet and I am behind 2 baby quilts, and of course those darn rabbits are still keeping me busy eating everything in sight.


  1. I absolutely love how it turned out. All those colors altogether are mt favorite.

    1. Thank you! I liked how it turned out as well, not something I'd see in a book and go "wow, I am going to make that", but as a challenge quilt, it worked out pretty good! I think the best part is that I didn't follow a pattern from anywhere but the vision in my head!!!