Thursday, 21 June 2012



So, not everything is coming up roses but some of the flowers as usual are spectacular.  I love colour of these ones, every year I dig up the red ones and give them away, however some part of the root stays hidden for a comeback the next year.  You can just hear them with their ta da's!  as they show off their flowers.

Many cherry tomato's have self seeded from last year's toss into the flower bed, so I've dug them up and relocated them around the beds, I don't think they will do as well as they did where originally planted, however, it may deter the rabbits from eating my flowers.   I just spied some gorgeous orange tiger lilies in my neighbors yard, are the rabbits blind??
Re-seeded cherry tomato plants

 I wanted to see more green in the winter, so I bought these Dwarf evergreens, they spread nicely and maybe. . . . . .choke out those weeds!

This is another nice little specimen that I just bought, another dwarf that only grows to 6 feet high which is perfect as the hydro wires are close  by.

And of course what would summer be without the return of leaf miners.  Seen here on my little mock orange tree.  I will go out and cut off as many affected leaves as I can, however there are many types of leaf miners out there that affect the leaves in different ways, some just curl up.
My lettuce and other leaf crops are now up, now they say you can just inspect the undersides of the leaves and wash the eggs off.  Somehow, inspecting every leaf doesn't sit well with me, and I just know I'd miss some.

I have wanted a couple of these for some time now, actually ones that are birds or whatever but I found these on sale last night, they are out in the garden charging up, I couldn't take a pic, the light kept bouncing off of the globes.  They change colors so I am eager to see how they will look.

I just saw the cutest little skirt to make for Ryann out of 2 bandannas, I already have 2 new pink ones.  Going to give it a try, that is after I go and make this fresh blueberry breakfast cake.  yes it's noon here, however.
summer is here, now the days start getting shorter, can you believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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