Wednesday, 4 July 2012


I love the colours on these leaves, they are among my most favourite, which is why I love the fall season.
However, when one sees multiple fall looking leaves on the ground in the first week of July, closer inspection is warranted.  As you can see, it is some sort of fungus (of which there are many) to attack plants, trees, foliage of any sort and it has descended on my tree in the front yard.  I had ripped out all my strawberry plants earlier in the year as the leaves were looking somewhat like this, the rhubarb leaves to a degree, my lovely Virginia creeper, Midnight Lady with her lovely large leaves.

Fungus spreads literally with the wind as the spores go through the air landing on anything and  everything and if the site is nice, set down and destroy to whatever degree they can.  I am going to try spraying with some liquid soap, a gallon of water with a heaping tablespoon of baking soda.  This apparently changes the ph and the fungus will not set on the leaves sprayed with the baking soda, it does not kill the fungus itself.  I'll let u know how that works out, I have a pretty big yard to deal with.
I wanted to try and be as organic as possible before resorting to fungicides containing coppers and sulphurs!
In the fall, I will not leave any leaves anywhere in the yard!!  All to be raked (well the ones already on the ground have to be raked now and bagged to try and prevent the fungus from spreading).
  • Anyways, always something new.
    I also did something yesterday that I knew was wrong but did it anyways, must have been the heat!!
    Never move plants around in the heat, esp flowering ones that are producing (in this case zucchini).  It looks like it might recover somewhat though.
    Radishes have gone to seed, the lettuce is done, the spinach has gone to seed.  What a heat wave can do to growing plants!
    Time to re-seed!

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