Thursday, 11 October 2012

Do we have Leaves?

We had leaves and plenty of them, notice that only 1 neighbour has 2 bags out for collection?  I think all the leaves in the bay blew into our yard, now raking and sweeping all of them was actually a lot of fun this year as the weather was grand so it was like gathering giant corn flakes.  The problem was with obtaining the paper bags to collect them in, (new rules) I ended up just bagging them in the big old orange plastic ones first, which ended up being a good idea due to the weather turning to snow, anyways we just transferred them into the paper ones once the stores finally got more stock in.
Well that's the end of the fall clean-up.  My garden is empty.  I put wooden stakes behind every perennial plant in my flower bed so that I now know exactly where they are.  I had put everything on computer but when you can't be exact, it's easy to dig things up in the spring as I found out this year.

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