Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Quilting square

Last Saturday the Assiniboine Guild that I belong to met, and Leona taught how to make this star block.  It measures 24X24 inches so it's a fair size for a table center or wall hanging if you like that.  The block is actually square but the intent is to fold the 4 sides in to make it an octagon shape so you are looking at the block "on point".
Of course I had the fall colour theme going but it might be nice for Christmas and I actually was going to make one for my daughter for Halloween but that thought went out the door this morning when I went to buy  spooky, creepy material for it, I am not paying full price for material, consequently the center piece will just have to wait till next year and I will keep my eyes open for some bargains, and for material that I really wanted, like the candy corn for the background material!!

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