Saturday, 24 March 2012

Ahead of my time?

For years people have poked fun at me and my repurposing issues, especially around my jar collection.  I always keep and reuse them for all kinds of things, now that Pintrest is here I am amazed that it is now "cool" to do so!!  They have  repurposed jars into almost everything, of course I probably got this from my Grandfather who was also "ahead of his time" with all his nuts and bolts and screws and stuff all organized in the garage with the lids secured on shelves so all you had to do is look up  and see where the heck a particular item was, hold the jar and twist off.   So, hats off to to my grandfather, who was always waaaay ahead of his time, thanks Grandpa, I love you and miss you lots. xo
And to all of you who poked fun at me, think about it.  Our ancestors repurposed almost everything out of necessity, and now it's not out of necessity that we are doing this but that it is just cool to do so.  We can all do our part in saving the earth, as I said "think green, do green, save the earth".  We can all do our little part, especially when it's just plain "cool".

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