Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Spring is in the air!

Spring is definitely in the air, the snow has almost seeped into the ground, my husband keeps putting what's left of the snow in the yard into the flower beds to keep the moisture levels up.  Just want to get out there and see what new perennials survived the winter, as I did not keep my receipts for them, I have my fingers crossed.  It is unseasonably warm, and as they do here in the 'Peg, fling off the jackets and boots and some are sporting shorts already!  I think I know how I will plant my 4 raised garden beds, big lessons learned from last year.  I have an entire Power Point presentation, hundreds of slides that I put together last year documenting the successes and not-so -much of my new gardening experience  (many years have passed since I had a garden).  I enjoyed every minute of it!  Out front, the city is completing a sewer cleaning and inspection today, thankfully nothing has shot out of the floor drains and toilets.  
I have so many plans for the yard, thanks to Pinterest!  I wish I could have it all done in a day so we could enjoy it for the rest of the summer, but alas the journey is what it's all about. Think green, do green, save the earth.

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