Thursday, 15 March 2012

Some days are just like that!

Some days are just chaotic.  A couple days ago there was so much miscommunication going on I'm not sure how we got through it in one piece.  It ended with my husband in a pickle.  I asked him if he could put the clothes line back up (one of those round ones), he has a love/hate thing with the clothesline.  He folded it down last winter for easier access to snow removal.  Our granddaughter was sleeping over and we were occupied in the tub with squeals of delight as she squirted me with Myrtle the turtle.  Then we went looking for Grandpa, I finally spied him through the kitchen window with his hand caught in the clothesline.  He said he had been calling and throwing things at the window for some time!  I ran out but everytime I touched anything, it bit down harder on his hand, so I fled to the neighbour (A girls gotta know her limitations!) in my socks through the puddles and muck and rang the doorbell with the frenzy of a 9year old coming to a birthday party.  Our dear neighbour bolted over and saved the day.  An ice pack later and a few glasses of wine with our friends and all was well.  Some days are just like that!


  1. Now that you have the blog you should have grabbed the camera to take a picture of him.

  2. omg, in all the commotion it didn't even enter my mind!