Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Back to the Drawing Board.

I still have the original kitchen curtains hanging, for 2 years now I could not pick a colour I wanted to go with, finally I made a decision.  The next ordeal was to actually find the right colour mix, I have been everywhere, called fabric stores, called fabric outlets, nothing.  I went to a sewing store this morning with the hopes of finding the right colour match as the outlet said they deliver a lot of batiks there.  Not so much!  I ended up purchasing the end of a bolt of material on sale, it wasn't exactly what I was looking for but it did include the colour of my tiles.  I was skeptical, and when you feel that way, you should just walk away, got the material home and it looks ghastly.  It is waaaay too dark and not the colour I wanted, so I called the store.  I did not think they would let me return the fabric but as luck would have it, they did make an exception for me as I had purchased the bolt end.  Lucky me, sometimes you catch a break.
Now I'll be on the hunt once again, I should check the bedding, sometimes they have awesome colour patterns, I could just buy a couple flat sheets and go to it!!  Probably would be much more cost effective as well,   Oh well, back to the drawing board!!

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